In the heart of the Wallis Alps, the Vignettes hut is located at 3157 meters, above the charming village of Arolla, in the valley called Val d'Hérens. It is owned by the Monte-Rosa section of the Swiss Alpine Club. From the hut, contemplate the breathtaking view over the Otemma and Mont Collon glaciers and the surrounding summits : the Pigne d'Arolla, the Mont Collon and also the Evêque!



1347 Matterhorn (1:25’000) or 283 Arolla (1:50000)

From Arolla

By the steep moraine separating the basins of the "Glacier de Pièce” and “Tsijiore Nouve”, to the point 2571 meters on the map. From there, keep on the middle-left part of the “Glacier de Pièce” while going up. The hut is located at the east side of the “Col des Vignettes”. Count 3 to 4 hours to the hut from Arolla.

From the Cabane des Dix, via the Pigne d'Arolla

You can consult the dedicated page on Camptocamp for a complete description.
Note that, in case of bad weather, it is preferable to come to the Vignettes hut from the Cabane des Dix by the “Pas de Chèvre” and the “Glacier de Pièce”!

From the Chanrion hut

—> Winter: you can consult the dedicated page on Camptocamp for a complete description. A more alpine variant is possible, by the "Portons". A more easy variant is also possible by the “Glacier d’Otemma”.
—> Summer: access mainly by the "Glacier d’Otemma".


All access to our hut is on glacial terrain; therefore, appropriate equipment is required. You will find here a standard list of advised equipment.


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For the online ‘Swisstopo’ topographic map on the website of the Swiss Confederation, it’s right here.


Some ideas of ski routes from the hut during winter season

  • Pigne d'Arolla
  • Pointes d'Oren
  • L'Evêque
  • Petit Mont Collon
  • Tour of the Mont Collon
  • L’Aouille Tseuque
  • The Aiguillette á La Singla bivouac
  • Cabane de Bertol by the “col de l’Evêque"
  • Cabane de Chanrion by the “col de Charmotane"
  • Zermatt by the “cols de l'Evêque, du Mont Brulé and de Valpelline”

Some ideas of climbs from the hut during summer season

  • Mont Collon by the normal route
  • L'Evêque by the normal route or by the rocky SW ridge
  • Traversée Pigne d’Arolla - Mont Blanc de Cheilon - Cabane des Dix
  • Cabane des Dix by the Pigne d’Arolla and the “col de la Serpentine"
  • Tour of the Mont Collon
  • Refuge des Bouquetins by the “col de l’Evëque”

On the website Camptocamp you can find a full overview of activities from our hut.